Gun Box Brass Catcher System

Product Details
Size: 17"x14"x8" Surplus Ammo Can Below

  • 17"W x 17"H x 10"D Folding Frame that telescopes to 56" high Integral National IIIC Brass Catcher and Gun Box
  • Brass Automatic Capture & Funnel to Removable Draw
  • Lockable, Secure and Safe Mobile Gun Box
  • Internal 5 Sliding & 1 Open Draw + Brass Collection Draw
  • Holds 4 Handguns Securely
  • Holds Extending Spotting Scope with Rail
  • 2 Hinged Pistol Stands for Internal Storage
  • Hinged Top with Carry Handle
  • Standard 2 Carry Handles on the Side
  • Lock top Secures Handgun Access without closing Brass Catcher + Scope Rail
 Complete System available which excludes Spotting scope, scope rail & mount, firearms, ammo, accessories etc.

Shooting Box Ammo Can
Large 17"x14"x8" Surplus Military Ammo Can in a Shooting Box & National IIIC
type Brass Catcher System - Lockable & Transportable Shooters Box
The bottom draw is removed to empty the brass casings caught by the brass
catcher and automatically funneled down into the draw.
Brass catcher Firearms
Inside stores up to 4 handguns, ammunition, accessories, spotting scope,
magazines, and anything else you may use on the range
Safety First, Transportable, Lockable - GBC System - Custom production
complete with brass catcher & shooting box system
Reloading Brass catcher
Completely locked down firearm access without closing the brass catcher and scope. There are several sliding draws behind the pistols for accessory storage. Handgun platform
on each side hinged to lift up and store ammo or accessories etc.

Optional High Wind Kit

Shipping to AK, HI, Canada
Additional coverage of FedEx shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada. International fees are responsibility of buyer.