Gun Box & Brass Catcher System

Size: 17" x 10" x 6" Surplus Ammo Can Below
  • Gun Shooting Box with Attachable BUBCA I or II Brass Catcher in an Ammo can System
  • Hinged Top with Carry Handle
  • Full Front Opening Gun Box
  • Holds up to 3 Handguns Comfortably
  • Folding Pullout Draw for attaching Accessories
  • Swing-out Draw for Ammo & Accessories
  • Handguns Stand Inside & Out
  • Top Partition for Magazines & Accessories
  • Included BUBCA I or II with 24" or 36" Net Backstop
Only one Complete System available which excludes Spotting scope, scope rail & mount, firearms, ammo, accessories etc.

Shooting Range Shooting Range
Universal Brass Catcher & Gun Shooting Box - Custom Production Custom Shooters Box of 30mm Surplus Ammo Can Designed for
Guns & Accessories Transport & Storage
Ammo Can Ammo Can
Custom Shooting Gun Box with Fitted & Matched BUBCA I or II
Brass Catcher in an Ammo can System
Their uniqueness & easy attachment together making the single
transport via one handle for both complete systems
Attach or detach in one easy movement offers quick setup or take-down of the
Gun Box & BUBCA I or II Brass Catcher in an Ammo can System
Everything Secures inside the Shooting Box Ready For Transport.
Short-gun, Accessories Not Included.
Ammunition Ammunition
Transport time BUBCA I Brass Catcher System included

Optional High Wind Kit

Shipping to AK, HI, Canada
Additional coverage of FedEx shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada. International fees are responsibility of buyer.