JSG Enterprises - BUBCA has been in business manufacturing and selling Best Universal Brass Catcher in an Ammo can Systems since 2004. All our brass catcher systems are made here in the U.S.A. which is why we proudly claim that our brass catchers are American Made... and rightfully so. Other companies may claim that their products are American made, but like many other companies here actually only assemble them here. We don't, we manufacture and sell them here in the good old U.S.A..

We continue to engineer and manufacture our products to make life easier for the shooting enthuisiast of the current times.These brass catcher and shooting systems are developed for the Bullseye Shooter the, Bench rest Shooter, the Plinker, the gun enthusiast and one who just enjoys the on gun shooting time while shortening the cleanup process and caring for the reloading components set for future use . People use and purchase firearms for more reasons than just self defense, training, and IDPA shooting. These brass catchers are designed and produced for all those other shooting disciplines that don't require you to run around. In fact most people do not compete or carry a firearm for defense but shoot guns for fun.